Born in Leipzig


Study of Architecture FH Munich


Study of painting, Academy of Visual Arts, Munich, classes of Prof. Nikolaus Lang and Prof. Karin Kneffel


Diploma under Prof. Karin Kneffel


DAAD-Stipend at the Academy of Visual Arts VIENNA, class of Prof. Amelie von Wulfen


Stipend of the Bavarian Art Fund , Otto Steidle Ateliers Munich

Solo and group exhibitions


The proof is in the pudding - Karin Kneffel and 28 master pupils, Galerie Noah, Augsburg


Bilder ohne Ende…, Braun-Falco Galerie, Munich

Bilder ohne Ende…, Kunstvereins Bad Dürkheim


Welcome@NY22, Braun-Falco Galerie, Munich

Art Karlsruhe with Braun-Falco Galerie

Medley, Atelier Suterena, Vienna, Austria


Still Yearning, Braun-Falco Galerie, Munich

Humanized, with Marina Schulze, Gasteig, Munich

Art Karlsruhe, mit Braun-Falco Galerie


MAL.KLASSE (with Jenny Forster, Nicola Hanke, Anna Krammig, Felix Fehfeld and Martin Spengler), Kunstverein Bremerhaven, Bremerhaven

Kopf (with Matthias Rüppel), Galerie Lehnert, Mainz

ART FAIR Köln, with Braun-Falco Galerie


Situationen, Braun-Falco, Munich

ART FAIR Cologne, with mbf-kunstprojekte (heute Braun-Falco Galerie)


Apartment 304, Munich

COMING SOON, Cordonhaus Cham/Opf.

Galerie Jürgen Georg Wolfstädter, Frankfurt/Main


Pasinger Fabrik, Munich

Anna Klüssendorf

Lives and works in Munich


o.T. 2013

Oil on canvas

140 x 160 cm

"Images without end ...", the title of Anna Klüssendorf’s 2017 exhibition, refers to her major interest of giving a particular image a permanent relevance by painting it. In the ongoing times of the Iconic Turn - the change in universal habits of communication from words to the consumption of more and more images – the half life of a single image has become shorter and shorter. The time from recognition to deletion in our brain often takes only parts of seconds, and from our daily mass only a few impressions remain remembered. Trying to counteract the deterioration of images, Anna Klüssendorf intensively studies images from different sources such as newspapers, journals, movies, or even online. The selection of an image as a templet for her painting purely depends on her emotional reaction towards it. Most images show single individuals or group scenes, sometimes animals or even landscapes. At first glance her choice seems arbitrary and asks for the common denominator between the different subjects choosen to be painted. At a closer look many images have a certain hue towards melancholy, romantic, loneliness, or even drama. Supported by her time consuming painting process using highly diluted and overlapping glaze layers the slowly evolving figures and motives become an atmospheric and emotional loaden appereance. As result, Anna Klüssendorf nobilitates in her paintings an image devoted for short term consumption into an emotionally loaded, recognizable, valueable and long lasting picture.